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Squash Analysis 5 Star Training Plan

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  1. Squash Analysis 5 Star Training Plan
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    Price:  $100.00 $75.00

    Receive a BONUS 3 months FRE FREE!! The Squash Analysis 5 Star Training Plan utilizes the experience and knowledge of one of Australia's real squash super stars - Garry Pedersen. Garry has developed a very unique program that has many different facets available to you, the squash player. This program is receiving rave reviews all around the world and receives constant positive feedback including this example from David Lumsden in the United Kingdom - "I have to say the site is fantastic. The way you break the techniques down and explain them is outstanding. I honestly feel I have improved more in the last 2 weeks than at any other time since I started playing squash about 6 years ago."

    From the short videos on various squash shots right up to the full 12 months Squash Analysis 5 Star Training Plan, there truly is something for everyone. A sample video is shown to the left. is proud to offer you the 5 Star Training Plan at the amazing price of only $74.95 which includes:

    * one personal video lesson
    * Online Squash Camp to your inbox * Videobytes to your inbox * Referee videos to your inbox * 1 Personal lesson * Web site 5 Star Training Plan series videos * Critical Skills videos

    This is without doubt the most affordable quality coaching you will find.

    Squash Analysis has a whole suite of experienced players and coaches involved including Sarah Fitz-Gerald (former 5 time World Champion) so you are in good hands!