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Hi-tec Comfort Tec Innersole

  2. Hi-tec Comfort Tec Innersole

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    Hi-tec Comfort Tec Custom innersoles are top of the range and provide durable, quality materials for the comfort and performance you would expect from a Hi-tec product. They come in three different sizes starting from USA 8-9, then 10-11, 12-13. They can be trimmed down to fit if necessary so buy a larger size if necessary.
    Moisture wicking top layer - draws moisture away from the foot
    Contour Compression Moulded EVA cushioning base layer - designed for sport, strong and light
    Poliyou Mid layer( 2mm) - antibacterial/odour control
    Memory foam layer - delivers ultimate custom shaped fit for your foot
    Polyurethane Heel Pad - absorbs and distributes shock

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