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Grays Fusion Elite 135

  2. Grays Fusion Elite 135

    Price:  $179.00

    The Fusion Elite 135 racquet continues to be popular especially as it comes pre-strung with Grays high performance string, the Dynampic Pro String.

    Category: Performance
    Construction: Advanced Fibre technology with Nanocarbon, Titanium and the Grays Vibration damper System
    Grip: Fusiontac
    String: Dynamic Pro Green (not red as shown)
    Weight: 135grams
    Balance: Even
    Cover: Full Cover Provided

    Fusion Squash Range

    The Fusion Squash range is the first in the world to combine premium build quality (Japanese nano-carbon with Advanced Fibre technology) and the world leading Grays Vibration damper System. The three frames in the series represent three different balances and frame shapes so that the Fusion Squash range will suit all player types. Advanced Fibre Technology(AFT) has produced the optimum balance of strength and weight, ensuring that all three frames will deliver great power and touch along with the necessary characteristics of strength.

    The Grays Vibration Damper System works to reduce the vibration shock through the handle of the racquet. This can assist players that have a tendency to arm injuries ie “tennis elbow” and will assist all players by reducing arm stress and fatigue. All racquets in the Fusion Range now come with the Grays Fusion-tac grip which provides the ultimate grip with a soft feel. The Fusion Master 130 comes with the Shotmaker String System (double strings through throat) which delivers greater power and a larger sweet spot.


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