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Dunlop Force Evolution 120

  2. Dunlop Force Evolution 120

    Price:  $219.00 $149.00

    New to the range in September 2016 the Force Evolution 120 is a headlight frame made from premium graphite. This frame is the top of the range Dunlop racquet for 2016.

    Take on the competition with the racket used by Nick Matthew, the Dunlop Force Evolution 120. This squash racquet uses AeroSkin Cx technology to reduce drag by 36% which means you manoeuvre and swing it faster and hit with more power. Power is also improved by Hyperfibre which makes the hitting area stiffer, and the Hybrid Cross Section design stiffens the shaft thereby increasing your control over every shot, including mistimed ones. This premium graphite racquet has a 490cm2 head and comes with a full cover for its protection. Try the Force Evolution 120 for yourself and see why Nick Matthew has made it his new racquet of choice.

    * Weight: 120g
    * Construction: Premium Graphite
    * String Patt 14x18
    * Head Size 490 sqcm
    * comes with a full racquet cover

    * AeroProfile
    * ParallelStrung
    * Aeroskin
    * Hybrid Cross Section
    * GLIDE Polymer

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