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Salming Cannone Pro Black Green 2 Pack

  2. Salming Cannone Pro Black Green 2 Pack

    Price:  $478.00 $250.00

    Now exclusive to this model was originally $239 - now spectacular value - one for $159, two for $250.

    The Salming Aero Cannone Pro of the Aero Vectran series offers a super light weight aerodynamic open throat racket with an open face geometry. The longest main strings are 37 cm long generating a powerful trampoline effect. Cannone Pro is strung with Salmings Challenge string made in Italy by Double AR.

    Salming Aero Frames are engineered to provide an increased sweet spot with unmatched power. The beam construction is made of high modulus carbon fiber combined with Vectran. Vectran is a novel material that offers several performance enhancing characteristics for squash rackets, such as outstanding vibration damping, high abrasion, impact and cut resistance.

    * Grip: H20 Drain
    * String: DoubleAR Challenge
    * Material Composition: Carbon + Vectran
    * String pattern: 14 x 19
    *String tension: 11 kg
    * Rec. tension: 8-12 kg
    * Frame weight: 124 g +/- 5 g
    * Head size: 495 cm2
    * Unstrung weight: 135 g +/- 5 g, 4,76 oz
    * Total size: 685 mm
    * Total weight: 146 g +/- 5
    * Balance: 374 mm
    * This racquet does not come with a cover but these can be purchased for $10

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