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Grays Viper Court Squash United Racquet

  2. Grays Viper Court Squash United Racquet
    [GR Viper Court SqUn]

    Price:  $179.00 $109.00

    Excellent all round racquet with nice weight and balance. Great value for only $109 or two for $179! Every Grays Viper Court Racquet sold will generate money for junior squash in Australia thanks to the Squash United program so thanks for supporting the future of our game.

    * Weight: 150g
    * Construction: bonded carbon for power and balance
    * Feature: Impact Zone Technology
    * Balance: Even
    * String: Infinity Blue Multifilament 1.2 - This is the perfect blend of control and power and has been exclusively developed for Hi-Tec Racquets.
    * Cover: No cover