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Dunlop Biomimetic Elite GTS Racquet

  2. Dunlop Biomimetic Elite GTS Racquet

    Price:  $199.00 $149.00

    The Dunlop Biomimetic Elite GTS Squash Racket has been designed featuring a closed throat area offering a smaller and more dense string bed which provides a reduced sweet spot size making it perfect for players who wish to improve precision and control. This Squash Racket is constructed with Aero skin technology which reduces drag giving a greater racket head speed for more power and spin coupled with BioFibre technology for reduced shock upon impact of the ball for a more comfortable game.

    The new Biomimetic technologies introduced this year include Hybrid Construction - the hybrid power properties of an oval cross section in the head with the stability and comfort of a box section in the shaft portion of the racquet helps provide more power than previous models without loss of control. Also new this year are the pocketed grommets and a more aerodynamic cross section in the racquet hoop which combine in making the new geometries more aerodynamic than previous models helping to increase racquet head speed.


    * Construction: Premium Graphite
    * Frame weight: 135g
    * Balance: Head light
    * String tension: 20-30lbs/9-14kgs
    * Head size:
    * String pattern: 14x18
    * Bio Fibre
    * Aero skin
    * MoS2 Grommets
    *Hybrid Cross Section
    Cover: Full cover provided
    * As used by Gregory Gaultier and many others!

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