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Squash.com.au was founded by Inform Connection in 2004. 

We had been wholesaling products to Squash Centres for many years and noticed that many centres had the capacity to sell more but did not have the available finance to purchase the stock. This was common at multiple locations all over Australia and many of the Centre Managers were like-minded people. We were very aware that overseas online Squash Shops were becoming popular but we did not like the model because in most cases the online businesses took all the sales and gave nothing back to the industry.  So we developed a new template that is still unique in the world after all these years.

The squash.com.au model consists of Head Office providing the stock, the centre manager providing the space and both parties benefiting from the sale of all items. This achieves our goal of keeping Squash Centres viable, enabling the Squash Centres to hold a larger range and the customers get a fantastic service.   In addition we provide a website which is the number one Squash site in Australia and customers can either browse here or purchase and the sales are still shared with eligible Squash.com.au centres.

Over the years the business has grown and we now supply thousands of Squash Players with their goods every year in addition to supporting events and players. We are now a team of 14 people spread throughout Australia and we get just as excited by new products as you do. If you have ever purchased from us online then you will be familiar with the white squash.com.au boxes that deliver our large items and the squash.com.au parcels for shoes and smaller items. We are very proud that we only supply Squash Goods that are purchased in Australia, supporting the Australian businesses that invest in squash. We are based on the Sunshine Coast, Qld and always welcome feedback and visits. 

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Steve and Lisa Walton (Founders)

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