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The popular Illusion 110 is back! This is the lightest frame ever made by Grays and is back in the range this year with slightly modified graphics. This model was very popular last time it was in the range due due to its weight and balance. The Illusion 110 is a long stringed, light weight frame that will deliver power and manoueverability.


  • Construction : GX Tech Advanced Fibre Technology build with
  • Japanese Nanocarbon
  • Grip : Fusiontac Marble Black/Orange

  • String : Graytec

  • Weight : 110 grams

  • Balance : 36.5 cm (Even)

  • Player type : Beginner to Elite

  • Cover: No cover

  • TRUE WEIGHT : 147g

Available for $199 or two for $300

The premium build quality that is our GX Tech Advanced Fibre Technology has been utilized for these frames. Japanese Nanocarbon is the best quality carbon in the world and this racquets is built 100% exclusively with this.

The combination of GX Tech Advanced Fibre Technology which delivers great balance and strength along with a striking appearance will result in the Grays Illusion Range being a popular choice with squash players worldwide.

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