Head G 110 Squash Racquet

Head // Squash Racquet

The upgraded Head G 110 Squash Racquet has been enhanced with graphene technology for amplified power and extended durability. Meticulously crafted to seamlessly blend lightweight prowess and manoeuvrability, this squash racquet showcases Head`s cutting-edge Graphene, elevating swing speed for heightened power and exceptional manoeuvrability. The Head G 110 is fortified with PowerFrame technology, delivering unparalleled stability, while the PowerPattern ensures an expansive sweet spot for maximum impact.Dominate every rally with forceful strokes using the Head G 110, an ideal choice for players seeking to exert relentless pressure through explosive gameplay. The teardrop-shaped racquet head propels the ball with remarkable acceleration upon contact with the strings. With a weight distribution favouring the head, the Head G 110 squash racquet effortlessly swings through each stroke, providing players with a winning edge on the court. Elevate your squash game with the superior performance of the Head G 110 Squash Racquet.


  • Unstrung Weight: 110g
  • Balance: Head Heavy 
  • Head Size: 495sq. cm.
  • Stringing Pattern: 12 x 17
  • Teardrop frame
  • Graphene technology


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