Karakal Air Speed 2021

Karakal // Squash Racquet

There are 3 new frames this year that make up our Air range of rackets. All constructed with High Modulus graphite each of these 3 frames is based on popular head shape from current and past years. They all have simple naked graphite frames and white decals and grips. The artwork and frames of these rackets are kept simple to keep the price down but still have all the technical benefits that these frames have to offer. They are an excellent alternative for those on a tighter budget who still want a high-performance racket.


Based on our S Series frames it comes with a straightened string profile to improve the power and increase the size of the sweet spot. The frame weight on this one is 120 grams, so if you love the S Series frames but prefer a slightly heavier racket this could be the racket for you. The 350mm balance point gives this frame a lovely even and balanced feel and the compact midsize head is fast through the air. With the environment in mind all our new top end rackets now come with a Full Bag Eco Cover, made with soft Eco fleece material, which is 100% recyclable. It is of course fitted with the No. 1 Karakal PU Super Grip.

• 100% High Modulus Graphite

• 120 Grams Frame weight

• Balance Point 350mm

• 14/19 Fan String Pattern

• Midsize Head 455 sq cms

• Full Bag Eco Cover

• Fitted with Karakal’s World No. 1 PU Super Grip


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Price $179

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