Salming DoubleAR Squash String Challenge Reel 110m

Salming // Squash String

CHALLENGE STRING: New Colour - Purple/Yellow

* Main characteristics: Feel, Power, Spin

* Material:Thermonyl

* Diameter: 1,18 mm (gauge 17)

* Durability: Good

* Rec strings tension: 9-11kg

* Colour: Royal Blue

* Length: 110m Reel

When Salming set out to design and build Salming squash rackets they required a unique high quality technical string. Therefore, they have formed a partnership with DoubleAR, a technical yarn specialist in northern Italy that holds a number of unique solutions and patents for their high quality squash strings.



Using the best quality Italian nylon and applying more than - 15 "�in house "� processing stages in order to obtain Thermonyl the first high performance nylon monofilament available on the squash market. DoubleAR has succeeded where others have failed: to create a monofilament with the same (or even more "�) power than top quality multifilament, capable to tolerate the extreme shock caused by the impact of a squash ball. Thermonyl is used for Salming Challenge string. For Thermonyl we can also offer a Bi-color technology, which allows to us to produce a unique filament with alternating colors without afflicting the yarn properties. The Challenge string enables us to offer an infinite range of possible customizations possibilities. The exclusive Thermonyl material gives the Challenge string pure performance, great feel, and exceptional power.

ANTI WAVE SYSTEM - We act at the molecular stage, changing radically the polymer structure of our monofilaments from a traditional "in line" one into a new "in wave" one. Once the ball hits the string pattern, this new molecular disposition is able to counteract the negative vibrations generated by the impact. The player is able to benefit of a significant vibrations reduction without sacrificing performance and playability of the set up.

This innovative technology is applied to the entire product range.

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