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The Salming Kobra is a fast paced unique combination of lightweight, cushioning and stability.

Together with all the unique Salming technologies, Kobra

is wrapped up into one agile shoe.

A new Wrap Around System Design (WAS Design)

In order to facilitate agility and stability but still maintain the lightweight characteristics, we have designed the midsole rear end with higher side walls that wraps around the heel area. In combination with the LMS Plus 8° and the new fully integrated ExoSkeleton construction, it ensures an excellent stability and perfect fit.

ExoSkeleton fully integrated!

Kobras ExoSkeleton design is totally integrated with the lacing

construction in order to facilitate the best possible wrap-around effect

of the foot. This keeps the foot it in the right position during lateral

movements and high performance activities.

LMS - Lateral Movement Stabilizer

An especially designed composite unit integrated into the midsole, that supports the foot during fast and irregular lateral movements.

LMS Plus 8° and RollBar technology A winning combination - the 8° angle concept on the outer edge of the shoe helps avoid the risk of ankle injury and our innovative RollBar - technology on the inner outsole edge, enables quicker and better lateral push-off.

Recoi midsole with Recoil R heel insert

The material in the midsole is a newly developed compound named

RECOI which is a super lightweight cushioning compound that releases a higher rebound energy effect. The Recoil R - as in Recoil Reduction - is a cushioning compound featured in the heel impact zone designed to reduce impact forces and increase comfort when lunging. Recoil R has 70% better shock absorbing properties than standard EVA midsole. The Recoi and Recoil R - creates a sandwich construction made to maximize your performance.

HexaGrip outsole

A new very durable lightweight rubber compound - HX120 - that

features Salmings HexaGrip pattern designed for the best possible

grip on all indoor surfaces.

Salming s unique T.G.S. 62/75°

At the core of the shoe s design, as on all Salming shoes by the way, you will find Salming s T.G.S. 62/75° system. This unique system specifically designates the distance from heel to the ball of the foot (62% of the shoe) in order to optimize stability, comfort, and performance. Key to this design is the firmer, stabilizing section which ends at the ball of the foot at the so called "ballet "� line, a 75° angle. In front of the 75° line, we have equipped Salming Kobra with a specially composed section which gives greater flexibility in order to further stimulate the foot s natural movements..

Delivery - shoes are dispatched via satchel with no box. The shoes are guaranteed to be brand new and are shipped without the box to avoid having to charge more for freight which we hope you will agree is a good idea! If you decide that you do infact want the shoes to be shipped in their box, please add the "Shoe Box" item available on this site to your order which will be $5.

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