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Head for the woods and explore the rugged outdoors with our latest version of the Salming Trail - T2. This extremely versatile and lightweight trail shoe features some of our latest innovations allowing you to perform at your very best even on the most technical terrain.

The T2 has a new outsole compound which significantly improves grip in wet conditions. The RocShield protective area provides needed

side shielding, while the dynamic outer sole features a high grip non-slip lug pattern made from our most durable rubber compound.

Dig into any terrain with the light, technical and reactive Salming Trail T2! 243g (size UK 5)



Our heel cup is specifically designed to add minimal weight to your shoes, creating a transformable, adaptive fit.

Exo Skeleton

The Exo Skeleton design stabilizes the foot in lateral movements and relieves pressure at the MTP joints (Metatarsophalangeal joints). This

part of the design construction eliminates friction and reduces the impact of the side forces in the soft parts of the foot, especially underneath the forefoot.

2 Layer Construction

The upper is designed with a 2 layer sandwich construction and an ExoSkeleton construction on top of that. The first inner layer next to the foot has a big air mesh featured in order to create a comfortable plush feel. On top of that is a thin net mesh that enables an excellent water drainage but at the same time keeping out sand and gravel. The outer layer is an ExoSkeleton unit which has the lacing area integrated into it, holding the foot in place and creating an unsurpassed fit.

Drop 5mm

Our standard heel to toe drop of 5 mm sets up a natural running posture, allowing a correct lean throughout the stride. This drop is used in Trail, Distance, Speed and Race models.

RunLite Midsole

The material in the midsole is Salming RunLite which absorbs negative impact forces and releases energy in the toe off phase. The low profile of the midsole enhances the proprioception properties when running off trail from the very first step.


A special PU area covering the lower part of the shoe upper rotecting it from sharp rocks and branches thus both increasing the durability of the shoe and adds confidence to the runner.

TGS 62/75°

The distance from heel to the ball of foot (62% of the shoe) has been designed with extra stability, which ends in the so-called "ballet "� line, a 75° angle. In front of the 75° line, we have equipped the shoe with greater flexibility to stimulate the foot s natural movements. The

TGS 62/75° feature assures that the shoe bends in exactly the right places, stimulating the foot s natural lateral and forward movements.

Outer Sole - Tear & Wear

The outsole has been built up by a special compound in order to get an optimal traction and durability, yet maintaining a high level of feel

for the ground while running.

Outer Sole

A new light weight outsole made in TOC66 (Traction Outsole Control 66) compound featuring 8mm high lugs - has been developed to provide the best possible grip on both dry and wet surfaces, as well as on gravel, rocks and roots.

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