Salming Viper 4.0 Yellow Orange Mens Squash Shoes

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The Salming Viper is a fast paced agile shoe with a low profile and

excellent stability characteristics. It incorporates the very best of

Salming Indoor shoe technologies and more. If you re a fan of

the Salming Race model you will find the Viper lower and with less

cushioning in the fore-foot area, enabling a more close-to-the court

feel plus a lighter and more breathable upper. The construction

has its origin in the Salming Running shoe product range,

where it has been very well received with its three layer system

where the unique Salming ExoSkeleton keeps the foot in the

right position during lateral movements and high performance

activities. Agile, fast paced with a low profile - The Viper.

Delivery - shoes are dispatched via satchel with no box. The shoes are guaranteed to be brand new and are shipped without the box to avoid having to charge more for freight which we hope you will agree is a good idea! If you decide that you do infact want the shoes to be shipped in their box, please add the "Shoe Box" item available on this site to your order which will be $5.

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