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Many squash players have had to adjust the way that they get and stay fit in recent

months. With gyms also closed there has been a necessary move to online fitness

programs. Push Your Limits Personal Training has created the program “Shape Up

Home Workouts” and has been leading the way in this area. This is very relevant

to Squash because their CEO and Founder, Justin Beard is an ex Pro Squash

Player. Justin is now one of the leading personal Trainers in South Australia

and has built an incredible program.

The Full Shape Up Home Workouts program 
 offers over 200 hundred videos, workouts of 18 minutes in length, minimal equipment (just household items) and the programs are divided into; Cardio, Upper body, Lower body, Core and combinations of them all. There are 5 different levels of workouts which definitely caters for everyone from complete beginner to those looking to achieve an intense workout.

As a customer you also have access to the online support group so you can connect with other users and you will ALSO receive a one on one session with Justin on completion of your  first month, 3rd month and 6th month so that you can stay on track and plan your way forwards.

At only $360 this is extremely good value and you don`t need to purchase any additional equipment - the perfect home based exercise plan awaits!

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