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The Squash Cannon is the most advanced computer controlled squash machine ever built! Armed with several training programs such as Lob-Drop, Random, Decay Training or Interval training it allows you to push your students to unprecedented levels. Training for squash has never been so productive. At the push of a button you can create towering lobs or bone crushing drives with speeds exceeding 100 Miles per hour. Electronically variable ball speed and interval can develop a gentle toss ideal for kids to machine gun like repetition for volleys that will challenge even the pros!

The remote control allows you to control all functions without being near the machine. Pausing in the middle of a drill to allow for instruction is a snap. The remote also allows you to fire a ball at the push of a button. With this shoot button your students will have no choice but to be honest when you fire a ball when they aren t watching the ball closely.

It s the meticulous attention to detail that really puts the Squash Cannon in a league by itself. Built for the vigor of the club environment this is the only ball machine you will ever need. Even down to the thermostatically controlled temperature which allows you to keep the balls at game temperature or perhaps a bit warmer to allow beginning players time to react to the ball. There is nothing that keeps the kids concentration like using the ball machine. Load it up and watch how more productive training can be.

The Squash Cannon features a 60-ball capacity, exclusive anti-jam, ball-feeding mechanism, thermostatically controlled temperature, an optional laser targeting system and an optional remote control which allows control of all functions of the Cannon. Features like three large, non-marking castor wheels, a built-in handle for easy rolling, on and off the court, a handy removable AC power cord and an optional cover to protect your investment. These are all reasons why the Squash Cannon is the No. 1 choice of training professionals. Just load the balls and you re ready for action.

The Squash Cannon is a professionally built ball machine with world-renowned durability. By using a molded high-density PVC body, aluminum base and solid powder coated parts; our machine is truly built for life. The electric motors are all commercial grade and are maintenance free.

This price of $5159 is in AUD but actual price will depend on the exchange rate of the day when it is purchased. This calculation is based on June 2015 at .775 based on $3999USD. This price is for the machine only and does not include freight or any other accessories. You will need to contact squash.com.au for more information on these prices.

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