Mico Oxijet Long Compression Sock Black - Medium

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Compression wear is now well recognised by Sports Science and Athletes as greatly aiding the performance and recovery of athletes and can be seen in many sporting domains. The Mico Oxi-jet sock is the first to be tested and meet the compression standards. The range consists of Italian craftsmanship, industry leading technology (seamless compression) and of course great colors and designs.

The compression sock increases oxygen flow through the muscles due to the special “gradual weaving tension” in LYCRA® fibre that produces a micro-massage action. This increases circulation and aids in recovery during and after exercise.

These long socks have an elastic support in the arch of the foot (Neuromuscular bandaging)-New L+R tip toe, lightly padded and modeled to the anatomy of the toes with an anti-friction seam. This model provides medium compression.

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